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and working together. you are working with fema. >> i represent montgomery county search and rescue team. >> tell me the situation with search and rescue. >> we have assets and brie in three additional teams from north carolina and there will be assisting in the evacuation of that area. we have a have the search and rescue component coming in from virginia beach. >> what types of things are they prepared to handle? >> they can do everything up to collapsed structure. >> they will be in easton? >> we can move them to the western side of the bay if they are required there. >> this is good for us that we have them in from out of state. >> there are 28 national teams. >> the light of day will show a lot. >> we are hoping that will be able to get a lot of aircraft into the air and we will sector off the state and see if there any rescues we're not aware of. >> in addition to the flooding, there is another big concern and that is people being overconfident in getting back on the roads. >> people get curious and want to see what the funding looks like. the back side will start pushing up storm
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1